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Teaching in Middle East

Teaching in the Middle East is a fantastic opportunity to live and work in an area that continues to enjoy endless growth. Throughout the region you will experience all-year round warm climate, stunning scenery from its beautiful coastline and beaches, mountains, deserts, incredible architecture and some of the tallest buildings in the world.Other attractions include tax-free shopping, wide choice of restaurants and an abundance of outdoor activitiessuch as rock climbing, abseiling, hiking, sand skiing and numerous water sports.

You will immerse yourself in a fascinating cultureand despite media reports,overall a region that is very safe where crime is very low. In general, as with travelling abroad anywhere, it is important to be aware of and respect culturedifferences.

Population of the Region: 400,000,000
Largest country: Saudi Arabia
Popular countries for teachers: UAE and Qatar
Best paid jobs: UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

There is a strong demand of teachers in the Middle East, especially in UAE, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait. These countries offer the most lucrative TEFL/TESOL jobs in the world. All positions are TAX-FREE and contracts are usually for 2 years.

Due to the recent efforts to develop and implement comprehensive education reform programs, teaching opportunities are available at all school levels.For teachers with little or no experience, public schools are a great option. For the best salaries, international schools are a fantastic choice. These schools teach English to students from all over the world. Language schools have becomevery popular in the Middle East. They offer a variety of programs and levels to all ages.For those teachers looking for flexible hours and short-stay employment this is a great option.All over the region you will find modern, purpose built schools with excellent teaching conditions.

Salaries in the Middle East are of the highest in around the world and in most places TAX-FREE.


Since salaries range anywhere from £2000 to £3000 per month and the amount is tax-free, most teachers are able to return home comfortably with a decent amount of money.


In addition to your salary, most schools offer the following benefits:

  • Annual return flights
  • Housing (in some cases furnished)
  • Ample holidays
  • Medical insurance
  • Tuition discounts for those teachers with children

The minimum requirement for most countries, especially UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, is to be a fluent speaker of English, a TEFL/TESOL certificate and a bachelor´s degree of any kind.


Once you have a secured a teaching job, most employers will sponsor the teacher in order to easily obtain a work visa. The time needed to acquire a visa for this region can take up to 90 days.