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Teaching in Asia

Asia is the number one destination for TEFL/TESOL teachers due to the region’s fast economic growth. All across the continent, English is fast becoming the main language for students, businessmen and tourists.

Teaching in Asia will give you an excellent opportunity to explore Asia’s fascinating cultures. You will experience a vast and varying landscape and culture that will take your breath away. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of major cities, the party scene and exotic beaches of Thailand, to the Great Wall of China, the Far East will not disappoint. No matter where you teach in Asia, there is something for every teacher to find adventure while enhancing the lives of their students.

Region population: 4,300,000,000
Largest country: China
Popular countries for teachers: China, South Korea, Thailand
Best paid jobs: Japan and South Korea

Jobs in the region are plentiful.

Government schools will offer 1 to 2 year contracts, where teachers can benefit from a higher salary, set work hours, and paid vacation days. To qualify for these programs you must be TEFL/TESOL certified and be a native speaker of English.

Language schools are rapidly growing throughout Asia. If you prefer flexible working hours and short-term contracts then working in these schools will be ideal for you, especially for inexperienced teachers. Although pay is relatively low compared to salaries in full-time schools, you have plenty of opportunities to enhance your salary with extra teaching sessions.

Private tutoring is a great option to earn more money. You could pursue this full-time or part-time. Initially, you will need to promote yourself by placing ads in local papers, online, etc.

The cost of living in Asia is pretty low. Depending on how much you will earn you will be able to save money but definitely be able to live a comfortably wherever you decide to relocate to.


Salaries for teachers vary from country to country. It depends very much on the cost of living in each country and the popularity of the city where you decide to teach. To give you some idea, you can expect a salary of £600 to £1500, the greater amount being for those teachers with experience.


In addition to our salary you will receive the following benefits with most schools:

  • Re-imbursement of airfare
  • Housing or a housing allowance
  • Summer vacation
  • Assistance to learn the local language if required

In most countries, the minimum requirement is a fluent speaker of English, TEFL/TESOL certification and a bachelor’s degree.


Whether you are planning to teach short-term or long-term you will need a visa. Most schools will provide you with a letter confirming employment or sponsorship in order for you to apply for a work visa.