Teaching English Abroad 2016 by Susan Griffith (2016) 15th Edition


Teaching English as a foreign language is fun, rewarding and a popular career choice if you want to see the world. Whether you’re already a trained English teacher or have no qualifications this comprehensive guide is the best single source of information for teaching English language overseas. For long-term, short-term or part-time placements Teaching English Abroad 2016 provides you with all the essential information you need for a successful trip, including where to find job opportunities abroad or teacher training courses that suit you. Annually updated so you’ll have all the latest job listings and requirements in one place to make an informed decision about where you want to teach and how to apply.


Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrot (2010)


This book helps teachers to develop their understanding of English grammar. Grammar for English Language Teachers provides an accessible reference for planning lessons and clarifying learners’ problems. It includes a typical difficulties section in each chapter, which explores learners’ problems and mistakes and offers ways of overcoming them.


The Practice of English Language Teaching (with DVD) by Jeremy Harmer (2015) 5th edition


In this new edition, Jeremy Harmer brings you

  •  a review of global English
  •  ideas to help you continue your professional development alone or with others
  •  methodology for teaching all the skill sectors in ELT
  •  DVD with clips from real classrooms, observation tasks and interviews with teachers on their classroom technique

Classroom Management Techniques (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers) by Jim Scrivener


A complete and essential activity-based guide to ELT classroom management.    Overall winner of the 2012 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Book Award, Classroom Management Techniques offers a huge range of practical techniques to help teachers make the most of their teaching space and get students working in more focused ways. It helps teachers anticipate and avoid problems in the classroom, allowing more time to be devoted to meaningful activities.    By analysing the classroom from three perspectives: the classroom, the teacher and the learners, this book presents a ground-breaking analysis of 14 kinds of teacher intervention, allowing teachers to examine the way they communicate with learners.


Classroom Management Techniques (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers) by Jim Scrivener


This book deals with the kinds of everyday questions working teachers face as they plan lessons and courses. Each chapter contains an analysis of the issue under discussion, as well as practical principles and sample activities.

Learn the skills you need to successfully plan and teach motivating language lessons, including how to develop aims with measurable outcomes, classroom management strategies, and best practices in the classroom.