Teach fun online English classes to Latino adults or children! You have the potential to earn $2000+USD a month if you have 40 hours or more of shifts per week, but you get tons of breaks in between classes. You do not need to recruit your own students with LatinHire and all you need is a white background to teach!



  • Classes are available 24/7 with huge flexibility in dropping shifts and picking up extra shifts.

  • You can work as little as 16 hours a month or up to 48 hours a week.

  • You don’t need to build up a student base as you’ll be assigned shifts based on your availability.

  • Students are randomly distributed, so you’ll be teaching different students each class.

  • No extra time is needed to prepare for classes as all teaching materials are provided (they’re well made and easy to use).

  • You’re still paid if students don’t show up to class.

  • You get plenty of paid break time between classes.

  • Training is completely paid for and frequent bonuses are offered to pick up extra shifts.

  • There’s ongoing optional training available if you want to expand your teaching strategies.

  • You get very helpful feedback on your classes from lead teachers.

  • There’s 24/7 support available from the company (always a monitor on shift if you need help during class).

  • You’ll have access to a close community of teachers on Slack where they share teaching tips and stories.

  • Native English speaker with a neutral accent.

  • At least elementary level Spanish or Portuguese (CEFR A2).

  • A degree in any discipline OR a TEFL certificate. (College students are welcome too!)

  • One year of experience teaching English.

  • Teach a minimum of 16 hours a month.