Absolutely not. You just need to be a fluent speaker of English. You do not need any qualifications or previous teaching experience, just the desire to become a teacher.

Age is not a problem. learnTEFL courses are open to all ages.

As long as you can speak English fluently or possess  a B2 level or above, according to the Common European Framework , you can teach English

Employers are recruiting you because of your ability to speak English not the local language. The focus is on your students to always communicate in English.

The course follows British English; there are very few differences between the two. Regardless if you use AE or BE our main goal is to train you in how to teach English using our specially developed course which is fun and easy to understand.

You can study from any electronic device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone…) with an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

No, you do not have to purchase any additional or other outside material. Everything that you need to complete the course is online.

You will learn all you need to know about grammar throughout the course with easy to follow instructions and examples. In case you feel you would like to have additional grammar support click Resources.

The 60-hour basic course is perfect for someone who would like to cover all TEFL basics. This is our core curriculum.
The 120-hour course is perfect for future teachers wishing to become more marketable in the TEFL marketplace.
The 150-hour accredited course is the most complete online teacher-certification course including the core curriculum and tutor support. This course is for people who are serious about becoming TEFL teachers and are ready to tackle the world.

All courses can easily be finished within 4 weeks. It really depends on how much time you dedicate to studying. We have even had students finish the 120 hour course in little as 2 weeks. All our courses are available for 6 months.

No problem, you can buy an extension at any time and up to 30 days after your course has expired. To extend your course please login to your course. Prices are as follows:

  • 30 days US$29
  • 90 days US$39
  • 180 days US$49

Whether you do the 60,120 or 150 course you must pass all the quizzes and tests throughout the course. The final grade must be at least a C or 70% to gain your learnTEFL certificate.

After submitting assignments you will receive feedback within 2 business days, not including weekends. Your tutor will grade 1 module at a time; we highly recommend that you review your previous work and results while received the pertinent feedback from each module before continuing on to the next module.

If your course has not expired when you complete the course, you will have complete access to your course. If your course has expired, you may purchase an extension, at any time, in order to access your course.

Not to worry, you have up to 3 attempts to pass each module. In case you are having difficulty passing a specific module your tutor will be there to give special support and instruction in order to ensure you pass.

You can access your course 24 hours a day – 7 days a week as many times as you wish.

Yes, if you purchase the 60 hour course you can upgrade to the 120 or 150 hour course at any time by emailing support@learntefl.com

Your certificate will be available to download once you have passed all Assignments and the Final Exam. The pass mark for all tests is 70%.

Hard copy certificates prices are as follows:

North America $33 – (10 to 21 days delivery time)

UK $27 – ( 1 to 2 days delivery time)

Ireland $33 – (5 days delivery time)

Rest of Europe and Australasia $33 – ( 10 to 21 days delivery time)

Rest of the World $33 – ( 21 to 42 days delivery time)

Urgent certificates can be sent with a DHL courier and cost $75. Delivery time is 2 to 5 days.

To order a hard copy certificate, please login to your course and place an order in the “Hard Copy” section. Certificates are mailed every Tuesday and Friday. If your course has expired, please email info@teflgraduate.com.


If you have lost/misplaced your certificate, please order a new certificate through your account or at  https://learntefl.com/shop-2. The cost to order a replacement certificate will be the same as the initial purchase paid.

The certificate has no expiration date. It is important to bear in mind that employers are less attracted when it has been a couple of years since you became certified and have not taught during this time.

Yes we do! Our experienced recruitment team will help you in finding a teaching position abroad.

You will be able to apply for jobs as soon as you have completed your course or near to completing.

TEFL certificates are recognised and accepted worldwide  in non-English speaking countries. Requirements vary from employer to employer. For more specific information please visit our Jobs section

Although a degree would be preferable, there are plenty of employers who will accept you without a degree. Please go to our Jobs section to learn more about countries that employ you without a degree.