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120 hour professional certificate course

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120 Hour TEFL Course – Professional Certificate Course

This 120 hour TEFL Course is perfect to secure jobs and kickstart your TEFL journey. Tutor support and job placement assistance.


120 hour TEFL Course Modules

Why is it that EFL teachers are so in demand, what are the main difficulties that students have when trying to learn English and what are some of the teaching methods and approaches that have been used in the TEFL classroom over the years?
We will equip you not only with the knowledge you need to teach English, but also help you get to the root of what it is that makes a good teacher so that you can employ this knowledge effectively in the classroom.
A big part of being a highly effective teacher is knowing what it is that makes your students tick, understanding the different reasons why they are in the classroom and the variety of ways in which individuals learn. We will give you the tools to find out how to access this information and put it to use in the classroom from the word go.
A practical look at the aspects of pronunciation that you need to help your students with and lots of tips and ideas on how to do this.
We will make you confident in your knowledge of English grammar and show you how to teach it in a fun, accessible way.
Here we show you how to expand students’ knowledge of vocabulary using a variety of techniques, the importance of targeting different skills in the classroom and many ways of bringing these skills to life.
Knowing how to plan an effective lesson is the key to being a good teacher and here we will teach you how to put all your knowledge together to do just that.
We will teach you how to manage your class and keep your students engaged. From day one you will be in control as the teacher.
What different types of testing and assessing are there and how should they be done? Here we will show you how.
We will guide your through what you need to do to develop as a teacher and show you all the wonderful opportunities which lay ahead.