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This was my second TEFL course. The first one I took (TEFL Academy Level 5 blah, blah, blah) lacked in any meaningful information (total gloss over), the quizzes sucked, and due to its link-link-link format was impossible to review or use as a reference. I decided it was not preparing me at all for the job so I skipped finishing the idiotic assignments that the material in no way prepared you for and abandoned it after completing all the lesson modules. I then chose Learn TEFL’s 150hr course and it is exactly what I expected. Lots of reading but that was all good information on actual teaching, methods, administration, history, best practices, cultural awareness, etc. Simple to navigate, straight forward, and easy to go back and reference or review. Superior in all ways to the other provider’s course. The quizzes emphasized the important points rather than being random questioning and the assignments were related to the information you learned. Improvement: The course could use a bit of polish as there are a few word omissions, incorrect word usages, misspellings, etc here and there but this is true of all of these TEFL programs’ material. Even my on-boarding training at EF had some word omissions making ungrammatical sentences 🙂 I got exactly what I needed out of the Learn TEFL 150hr course and was offered a contract by EF Online the same day I sent them my pdf certificate. Note that the hard copy certificate you can order separately comes on nice paper stock but mine lacked any holograms, watermarks, or seals to make it more official. I recommend this course as the information provided is very comprehensive and meaningful.


I really enjoyed the course while learning that there’s a lot more to teaching English than simply being able to speak it! I definitely would recommend your course to others.


Licensed elementary teacher with a BA in Elementary Ed. The 120-hour course was just right. At times I thought the information was very repetitive. The videos at the end of each module was very helpful. My overall experience was good, but, I feel like it could have been better. The website underwent a much needed maintenance and now looks much better (before looked very elementary and basic). I wish there had been more interaction from the tutors/company to those taking the course (check up emails, newsletters, etc.). At the end of the course, I would have liked to have seen a better, more visually appealing and “credible looking” online certificate. It looks very basic and in some ways fake (horizontal certificates look much nicer and official). There hasn’t been much posts on social platforms about this company/online course, and maybe because it’s still new and developing, however, I would have liked to see posts from this year (2021) and not all the way back from 2016. Overall, for the discounted price, it was a good course. Useful information and great tips to use in your classroom.


I am a Nationally Board Certified public school music teacher. This summer I decided that I would expand my ability to teach after retirement and have always been interested in teaching English as a second language. Taking the course through Learn TEFL was a great experience. The pacing is your own and help is always available if you need it. If you’ve never taught before, the course does a very good job of giving you a crash course of what it means to be an effective, caring teacher. Overall, I found this to be an excellent course!


I must say, I’ve really enjoyed taking the TELF class. It was challenging, fun and really helped me better understand the skills I need to master to teach English overseas. It had been many years since I’d been in school, and taking the class online was easier then I had through it would be. In addition, when I had questions or needed advise my tutor was always available and a big thank you to Pat at TEFL! I highly recommend the class! great job!

James Albert

The 140 hour course was informative and helpful. I took it as a requirement to teach English online to Chinese children- a requirement of one of the companies that interested me. I have a teaching background so it was not difficult but I did learn some new information about the differences and challenges of teaching English as a foreign language. The modules on grammar and teaching vocabulary not non English speakers was particularly interesting. The final essays were QUITE challenging. I needed the full time to complete them and the final test was also thorough. a very good experience.


I found the 150 hours TEFL course with LearnTEFL very knowledgeable and enlightening. The Modules were well structured and easily accessible. As an educator, it provided me with dynamic ways to execute and deliver English language concepts to give students a greater chance of maximum understanding.

Patience Chioma