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TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TEFL courses will equip you with the skills and confidence that you need to teach English as a foreign language around the world.



of the highest calibre


LearnTEFL offers quality, well-structured courses with easy to follow modules. Choose from our basic 60 hour Foundation course to our premium 150 hour course.



Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term position our recruitment team are ready to help you in securing a teaching position around the world.




learnTEFL made the experience of gaining my TEFL certification convenient. The lessons were well-developed, rigorous, and immediately applicable. Those features, coupled with being able to work at my own pace made my learnTEFL experience worry free. My personal learning tutor, Pat, responded to any questions I had in a more than timely manner, adding to the worry free aspect of the program. I will tell anyone I know about the quality, cost-effective experience I have had with learnTEFL.

Javonna Bass from USA

I saw an amazing offer for the 150 hour TEFL course. Reluctant at first, because I never contemplated on teaching abroad, the offer was just too good to ignore. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was fun, very interesting and easy to follow. My trainer, Alex, was superb. I have not decided when to travel as I am still exploring possibilities in the UK but I am pleased to have received my TEFL certificate.

Maria from Brighton, UK

Having just completed my TEFL course, I would like to say thank you for a very informative course with excellent reading material given. I particularly liked all the practical lesson ideas. The only slight criticism I have is that I would have liked a little more feedback for my assignments, rather than just ‘very good’.
I am now looking forward to putting all my new knowledge to good use

AndreaEdgeway from the UK

After coming across the site on a money saving website I immediately took the TEFL course as it was offered at such a good discounted price. I was initial concerned as the staff told me the company was new and the price was unbelievable. However, I really had no reason at all to be concerned.

I was able to complete the registration process easily and accessed the course immediately. The website was always accessible and the support offered from the tutors was fantastic. Anytime I had a query it was answered immediately and resolved instantly.

The course itself was easy to follow, enjoyable and even though I have been teaching English before, I found it informative and interesting and on completion of the course my knowledge is greater and I have a set of useful reference notes.

I can highly recommend the site, the company and the staff to anyone.

Thanks everyone you did a great job.

Laura Bostock from France

The course material was very informative and suitably structured which made it easy to grasp. Knowing that I had an online tutor allocated to me, was a comforting. Feedback was provided on tests which was also helpful in improving.Thanks.

KarishmaaRhugbeer, South Africa

I enjoyed taking this course. The on-line course material was comprehensive and well structured. Good advice was offered on where to access additional/supplementary material relating to TEFL. The continuous assessment approach worked well and ensured good coverage of the material presented to the student.

There is an on-line tutor available to help with problems and provide real feedback on assignments. Alex was mine. Good job, Alex!

On completion of the course, I felt I was well prepared for the challenge of teaching in a live classroom situation.

Matthew Benville, Ireland

I can’t believe that TEFL courses usually cost just short of $1000. It’s unbelievable, but this course was so affordable and award certificates that are widely accepted. I’m using mine now to teach English in South Korea and I couldn’t be happier with the experience, service, and affordability!

Jackie Capierseho, USA

LearnTEFL has been accredited as a high quality e-learning institution by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC), a global organisation and a leading non-profit educational association. IARC provides assurance that learnTEFL has satisfied a set of academic, ethical and operational standards.


International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) is an organisation in the field of English language learning and teaching. Founded in 1967 it is an association for teachers, lecturers, teacher trainers, academic managers, researchers and institutions involved in the English Language Teaching (ELT).